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The Groupement de Production Agricole (GPA) helps to bring clean water to rural villages in Togo.

In many rural villages in Togo, West Africa, there is a lack of clean water for daily drinking and cooking. As a result, many vulnerable persons are at risk for health problems, water-borne diseases, and even death.

Abundant clean water exists not far below the surface of the ground, but there is a great need for wells to be installed and maintained in order to bring clean groundwater to the surface for daily use.

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Are you interested in supporting the effort to bring fresh water to rural Togo?

If you would like to partner with us to bring clean water to Togo through a financial donation, we would be very grateful! Thank you!

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Our Values

One well or one farm can't be the whole story for any village. The GPA will always be available until safe drinking water is available to everyone in the village.
Community Participation
Village water committees and farm cooperatives are democratic structures where the principles of the democratic process can serve the community best.
Our local presence in Togo, and partnerships with other cooperatives and NGOs ensure that qualified help will be available when maintenance is needed.
Good Science
Educated professionals can provide the best designs at the village level. Many projects fail because an off-the-shelf design was not economically adequate for the village in which it was implemented.
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